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Project name: Element Racer Genre: Fun-Racer Develoment time: 4 months Team size: 11 people Engine: Unity 3D


"We are racing through the elements"  Get ready for Element Racer and its unprecedented racing experience. Choose between one of the four elements and drive through the dynamically changing Element Island. Express yourself by switching the element of your car to get the advantages of the new form of the racing track. The main focus is the multiplayer mode where you can compete against three of your friends. Use the power of the elements. Switch your element vehicle elaborately, shoot energy balls, drop dangerous mines or get the ultimate e-special power and show your enemies what you got! Be Quick! Shoot your way through! And watch out for the mean obstacles! elementracer_01_small


  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer (Lan)
  • dynamic level zones (water, earth, wind, fire) changing during race
  • changeable cars (druing game) - to use abilities in dynamic zones
  • clear and compressed GUI
  • colorful and lively fantasy world
  • Multiplatform (Windows & Mac)
  • AI Enemies
Element Clock - Clear and compressed GUI  elementclock


presentationER Screen shot 2011-06-27 at 12.58.40 PM  



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EZ_ER_WZ_krokodile EZ_ER_WZ_krakenEZ_ER_WZ_Elefanten


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