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Project name: Project GuitARS Genre: Music Game Develoment time: 2 weeks Team size: 3 people Engine: Simulator for ARS Electronica Facade in Linz


Project GuitARS brings the rock out of your livingroom! It is a game played with a guitar-shaped usb controller on a 5100m² LED facade. The player has to hit the buttons and stroke on the controller at the right time, depending on the falling blocks on the building. The game was developed during the course “interface technologies” with Robert Praxmarer at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences. It was written in Java, the controller input is piped via xpadder. A note-recording tool was written in C++. Special thanks to: *Emil Bulls ( *Ars Electronica Center Linz (


  • Gamefun over 5100 m²
  • proven and established gameplay
  • Facade from ARS Electronica in Linz as Display
Nominee @ SXSW Award SXSW_Interactive  

Featured in Weave Magazine

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  • Fabian Bergner
  • Rene Baumgartner
  • Manuel Blum



 Quer* Portfolio MultimediaTechnology blog entry


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