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Project name: Noomix Genre: 3rd-Person-Puzzle Shooter Develoment time: 1.5 years Team size: 18 people Engine: Unity 3D   FB-f-Logo__blue_29 noomix.attwitter-bird-white-on-blue_29


"Noomix" is a 3rd person puzzle shooter with a strong focus on individual gameplay. Gordo the apetronaut is crash-landed on the fascinating planet of the Noomies. His spacesuit allows him to merge with those little witty creatures and use their powerful abilities. Gordo has to use those powers wisely in order to leave for home again! There are four different types of "Noomies" every color stands for a different ability: Red - Strength Green - Range Blue - Speed Yellow - Splash Gordo can collect the Noomies and merge them to different slots of his spacesuit. This spacesuit consists of several slots: Shot-, Punch- and Leg-slot. Merging a blue noomie (speed) with your gun-slot, you get a machinegun. The green one would be a sniper rifle. If you merge the green noomie (range) with your leg-slot, you can jump higher. There is also a melee-slot, which has counter effects. The blue noomie would give a kind of TASER-Gun which takes the opponents speed bonus. With these mechanics the player has to find a way through challenging puzzles and hordes of enemies in the singleplayer, and choose its class in realtime during Multiplayer matches.  


  • Individual gameplay
  • Dynamic player classes
  • Three different Multiplayer Modes
  • Online-Ranking and Stats
  • Leveleditor




Alpha Teaser: Gameplay Trailer: Gameplay - Alpha Multiplayer Match (Mode: Nooball) Early Alpha with Ingame Footage Noomix @ Gamescom Cologne Open House University of Applied Science in Salzburg:


nmx_a_screen_cave nmx_a_screen_climax nmx_a_screen_drill nmx_a_screen_green_riot nmx_a_screen_journey nmx_a_screen_noobjects nmx_a_screen_noomies nmx_a_screen_pit nmx_a_screen_rim_temple nmx_a_screen_shield nmx_a_screen_speed nmx_a_screen_temple nmx_art_asa

Concept Arts:nmx_art_crashed nmx_art_enemy_robot nmx_art_enemy_robot2 nmx_art_guns2 nmx_art_noomie_all nmx_art_noomie_blue nmx_art_noomie_colors nmx_art_noomie_green nmx_art_noomie_red nmx_art_noomie_yellow

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