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Project name: Cub Cub Genre: Roundbased strategie game Develoment time: 2 months Team size: 13 people Engine: Ogre, Fmod


CUBCUB is a turnbased strategy game for PC.Its light and entertaining concept is perfect for any kind of gamer and the rules are understandable and easy to learn for anyone. Two players take place of Mandrill and Baboon, two opponent apes, both with the same goal: to reach the seductive Aphrodite that dances in the centre of an old, forsaken Maya-like labyrinth. In order to overcome the obstacles, the players are in use of a range of different action/movement-stones to control their apes indirectly. As all the stones are uncovered, it’s all about the strategy - to build up your own, or to interfere with your opponent’s one. CUBCUB provides entertainment for various occasions - may it be a short lunch-break or an extended gaming-session. The artistic concept behind the idea of CUBCUB is based on optimal overview and simplicity, mixed with a tender focus on details. As the course-levels are build randomly, it’s essential for the player to develop different strategies on how to use the action/movement-stones in the most efficient way in order to reach the goal first. Inspired by the principles of classical boardgames, CUBCUB takes this succesfull genre even further in an amusing and pleasant way.


  • Multiplayer
  • 3D GUI
  • Varied and random levels
  • Xbox Controller
3D GUI cc_hud


Content Award: Sonderpreis Gamesproduktion 2010 [link]




Download here (Windows)  Multimedia Technology blog entry Quer* Portfolio Content Award Auszeichnung


Work in Progress Video

Concept Arts:

tempelturm_small tempeleingang_small poster Pavian-Mandrill palme_small Monkey-Babe landscape_small kaktus_small fire_column_sheet baeume_small


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